The Plasma MWSTM PCCS processes signals received through the SVGA with the DFP interface and generates the displayed image (incl. effects, overlays etc.).
With the MWS
TM PCCS, consisting of the PC-card, TV/Video-card, Multimedia-receiver and Multimedia-distributor, you can use the MWSTM Videowall like your PC Monitor (resolution of 1024x768) using the MWSTM software under Windows 9x.

MWS visual management program
With the ESPANEL visual management program you can use the whole range of Plasma MWSTM controls, including managing image files, computer-animations and graphics, as well as achieving different PC-, Video- and TV-Mode effects.
ESPANEL consists of three registers that are GEN, PC and TV.

Plasma MWSTM Control dialog window GEN