No of Pixel of Plasma MWS-6DC Module 64 x 64 pixel
Plasma MWS-6DC Module size 385 x 385 x 90 mm
Plasma MWS-6DC Module weight 5 kg
Pixel size 6 mm
Basic colors red, green, blue
Brightness levels 32 for each color
No of color shade 32768(5Bit Model)
Vertical scan rate 100/120 Hz
Ambient light, max 1200 Lx
Brightness, max 220cd/(white peak)
100cd/(video operation)
Ambient temperature 5 - 35C
Humidity, max. 80%
Viewing distance 5 - 45 m
Viewing angle 160
Power supply voltage 220 or 380V10% RMS
Power consumption 300 W max, 160W average
Input TV system & Terminal PAL B,G,D,H,I, 50Hz, NTSC 60Hz
S-video, Analog VGA, DVI
Remote control from RS232 -brightness
Linear and non-linear (gamma) correction for each color (R,G,B).