G.now Access (Telephone Line) Solution

The G.now Access Solution

The G.now™ Access Solution is an extension of G.hn networking technology for broadband access and enlarges the scope of the ITU-T G.hn to meet the market requirements. The G.now™ is G.hn technology applied for wire-line broadband access networks, as an upgrade to VDSL2. Enabling unmatched connectivity at up to 1 Gbit/s PHY rate over existing copper wiring and a much higher data rate (over 500 Mbps) than legacy VDSL systems (only 100 Mbps). The G.now™ is poised to take on the leadership of the broadband access services for the last mile. The G.now™ technology can quickly enable many homes and consumers around the world to enjoy seamless delivery of high quality live content from the cloud at any time for their everyday smart-life and smart-lifestyle. The G.now™ is based on TDD architecture (Time Division Duplexing) and an increased spectrum of up to 100 MHz OFDM.  The G.now™ is able to lead the pack in delivering high performance and most reliable and secure end-to-end solution for the ‘Smart-Life and Smart Lifestyle.

The G.now™ is the brand name of Marvell, a worldwide leader in integrated silicon solutions. The Marvell G.now™ technology is Marvell’s award-winning home-grid forum-certified family of G.hn chipsets to provide FTTH class gigabit broadband access to multi-dwelling unit (MDU) buildings over existing phone wiring.

It is our passion to closely collaborate with global operators, service providers, internet companies, OEMs, ODMs and other ecosystem partners to bring the benefits of the G.now™ technology to the masses of consumers around the world for better lives.


The G.now
Network System

The G.now™ is a Gigabit internet solution which is adapted G.hn technology that enables data rates up to 1Gbit/s over legacy bundle cooper cable(bundle phone line) existing  infrastructure and addresses Gigabit speed internet associated with FTTH(Fiber to the home) applications. It is last mile solution for the G.hn-Based FTTH(Fiber To The Home) Solution and has an impressive performance.

G.now™ Benefit

Technical Benefit
The G.now™ increases available spectrum on the wire
The G.now™ provides flexible bandwidth allocation
The G.now™ based on state of the art G.hn PHY/MAC protocol

Business Benefit
Increasese data rates to “Gigabit-level” unsing existing phone line
Flexible bandwidth allocation ensures flexible service offering
Significantly lower installation & equipment costs than pure FTTH

G.now / VDSL2 /  Vectoring performance comparison
Items 100M VDSL2 G.now
Standard ITU-T G.993.2 ITU-T G.9960, G.9961
Main Appication Access network solution Mainly for Home networking and additionally for Access network solution
Rate Max 100Mbps
Max 500Mbps (uni-dir)
Max 250Mbps (bi-dir)
Modulation DMT OFDM
Freq. Used > 30MHz > 100MHz
Error Correction FEC LDPC FEC
Max power 20.5dbm 16dbm