G-now Access (Telephone Line) Solution



LTI LGW-COT12P (GAM: G.hn Aggregated Multiplexer) a product line-up which is based on ITU-T G.hn G.9960/G.9961 technology that enables data rates up to 500Mbps over bundle copper cable (bundle phone line)and addresses Gigabit speed internet associated with FTTH(Fiber to the home) applications. Investment of FTTH is expensive for deployment with SoC, SFP module, labor, scattered population, problems with fiber wiring to the home, and slow roll-outs.

LTI LGW-COT12P G.hn-Based FTTDp (Fiber to the distribution point) solution has an impressive performance, is easier to deploy and provides substantial CAPEX savings compared to traditional FTTH.

LTI LGW-COT12P Series products enable Carriers to deliver FTTH-class service to MDU apartments while avoiding the costs of replacing copper wires with fiber and truck-roll. These Gigabit speed data rates ensure the access network is future-proof and ready to provide high quality services such as multi-stream FHD/UHD IPTV, cloud-based storage or 802.11ac wireless hotspots.

The crosstalk in non-shielded bundle cable is solved by the Marvell Crosstalk mitigation feature, which guaranties 3-5times higher speed(200~500Mbps) than VDSL2 with same environment.