G.hn-EoC Access (CATV Coaxial Line) Solution

G.hn-EoC Outdoor Giga Master

LTI G.hn Giga EoC outdoor edition  overlay solution combined CATV  and Internet data signal in same Chassis over coax cable based on G.9963 and can be used with operation band plan 100MHz with UDP rate over 730Mbps. It comes pre-configured allowing easy installation / configuration  and it features secure end-to-end encryption algorithms for safeguarding the network integrity. EOC Outdoor edition convert  CATV signal to HFC RF signal over fiber and Transfer CATV signal and G.hn Signal over Coaxial cable. this combined signal will split in EOC modem  to TV and IP device.

LTI G.hn Giga EoC Outdoor  Master

G.hn-EoC Giga OM2P
GPON ITU G.984-compliance
32 T-CONTs
1024 GEM ports
Broadband 4096 VLANs, supporting QinQ and stacking VLANs
4096 MAC addresses
802.1p, supporting PQ and WRR flow control, and ACL
EoC key specifications Modulation technology: ITU-T G.hn G9960, G9961
Physical layer rate: 1Gbit/s; MAC layer rate: 750Mbit/s
Frequency band range: 2 MHz to 100 MHz
Modulation modes: OFDM, 1024/256/64/16 QAM, QPSK, and BPSK
Media Interface
Interface Type F Type Connector,  2/4Port  RF Interface : HFC network side
RJ45, 2 Port  1000baseT Ethernet  – WAN Interface
Module selection  will be required depending on Upper system (G(E)PON/ONU)
Physical Dimension 250 x 200 x 130 mm ( W x D x H )
Weight 4.8Kg
Power Consumption Max. 20W (using PoE)
G.hn Specification
G.hn Standard ITU-T G.9960 Support(G.hn PHY)
ITU-T G.9961 Support(G.hn MAC)
ITU-T G.9962 Support(Management Plane)
ITU-T G.9954 Support(Coaxial line networking transceivers)
ITU-T G.9980 (TR-069 Remote management