MWDT System

System Introduction

What is MicroWave Data Transmission (MWDT) System and for what ?

The MWDT system is high capacity microwave system package combined with *Horizon Compact+ for the broadband(BB) internet network system.

Our MWDT system is the most economical solution for the BB network service. Our MWDT system is developed to deploy in the area where existed many geographical obstacles and barriers such as mountains, rivers and seas or high building and so on.


Broadband internet service providers can expand their service now much more outdoor business

The MWDT system delivers high performance in a simple package. Because of the integrated radio and modem into a single highly compact outdoor unit the MWDT system is minimizing collocation space. This MWDT system is a zero footprint solution-eliminating rack congestion.

Equipped with Bandwidth Accelerator technology, the MWDT system achieves the highest degree of spectral efficiency, delivering more capacity per channel than any other all-outdoor microwave system.

Our MWDT system delivers a long lifecycle with significant low CAPEX for BB internet service providers and enterprises.

Due to a stable radio performance, simple installation and operation, as well as the state of the art remote management solution.

This innovative, the state of the art and user friendly MWDT system package operates in licensed or unlicensed spectrum from 6 to 60GHz everywhere.