MWDT System

System Components

Hitless Automatic Adaptive Modulation (HAAM)
  • Configurable min/max modulation
  • Complete history of HAAM events is captured
  • Maintains high throughput during regular conditions
  • Highest priority services are maintained by Horizon Priority Queuing
  • Provides significant increase in network capacity without adding spectrum or changing existing antennas
  • Once RSL levels hit a threshold, the system automatically switches to an intermediate modulation during rain or multi-path fade


Power Over Ethernet


Bandwidth Accelerator Compression(BAC)

A combination of signal processing techniques including:

  • White space suppression
  • Bulk compression (lossless)
  • Header optimization

Drives significant capacity and spectral efficiency gains over existing microwave systems

  • Ultra-low delay (<100us)
  • Capacity gain is traffic dependent
  • Substitute for ATM cell processing

Statistical multiplexing between cell sites further increases effective spectral efficiency

  • 2 to 4 fold increase over CBR


How BAC works
  • This feature can be turned on/off for individual queues
  • Wire-speed lossless bulk data compression technology
  • Existing behavior of the queuing system and air interface is preserved
  • Typically compression gain of 30-40% and up to 100% depending on traffic mix
  • Ethernet frame data is compressed using the Lempel Ziv Ross Williams algorithm